Each vocation is perfecting itself according to its specialty along with the development of current reformation and opening force. As the vocation of funeral and interment, we are going along the inundant reformation. Big and middle city have done the better model all over China. China has a long history continued 5000 years. He is also breaking traditional concept and change itself from inhumation to cremation to burying collect. Pingyao cemetery will increase the culture levels of funeral and interment on the base of Liangzhu culture for responding the Zhejiang province government. It is a garden after life with art and scene, so that it gathered a lot of celebs in heaven.
二、 Promote time: opened in the midwinter A.D.1991
三、 Cemetery character: It is the one of manage cemetery that had been passed by Hangzhou civil administration office.
四、 Origin: past dynasties hand down that this mountain used to be emperor's. Government considered
that it was a good place to bury. Therefore this mountain is well-know continue today.
五、 Geography position: The graveyard is towards the south, there are mountains of kilns ago, the shining of the southern mountain, There are unbroken reliable green hills, really deserve to be called the title on the imperial seat mountain of having the ancients. ( set up the tomb district of the Christian religion)
六、 Traffic instance: traffic is convenience fairly. By waterway, there is Jinghang canal up to Pingyao;
By roadway, there is national highway 104 up to Hangzhou, Anxi, Liangzhu, Penggong etc.